8 Back to School Tips for Educators

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As we kick off the 2023/2024 school year, I wanted to share with you eight supportive ways to help you ease back into the classroom.

Back to School Tip #1

If you bring the challenges and anxiety with you that you had last year, you’ll likely find yourself repeating a lot of the same patterns. Putting last year behind you will help you start the 2023/2024 school year with a clean slate. A fresh start. Need help figuring out how to do that? Reach out and let’s chat.

Back to School Tip #2

Bring something new to the classroom. A new poster, a new picture or plant for your desk, a diffuser or lamp to create a calming vibe.

Back to School Tip #3

Check in with your colleagues. Ask them how they’re doing and let them know you’re there for them. Perhaps plan a regular time that you and a few colleagues can circle up and check in. Create a list of resources and supports together that you can remind each other about throughout the year.

Back to School Tip #4

New school year. New intentions. What do you want to accomplish this year? Within your classroom, with your administration, with your students and parents? How do you want to feel at the end of the school year and what action steps will you take to make that happen? Write it all down!

If you feel like there’s a disconnect between writing down your intentions AND making them happen, reach out, and let’s chat.

Back to School Tip #5

There are going to be difficult days. Whether it’s something going on at home or at school, or a combination of both, there really isn’t a way to get around them. But you can get through them.

Write down…

-a pep talk that you can refer back to on those days.

-affirmations that you can say over and over again on those more challenging days.

Then save it in a place that is easily accessible whenever you need to re-read it.

Not sure how to get started? Let’s chat and see if my Balanced Life Mentoring is right for you. The first call is always free, and I offer pay-what-you-can options so that my services are accessible to all.

Back to School Tip #6

Take 5 minutes. 1 minute. 30 seconds. However long you have. Take the time to…



Come back to your center and regroup.

It may not feel like a lot is happening in the beginning, but the more you do it, the more at ease you will feel with each mindful moment you take. Need help developing a mindfulness practice that will work for you and your life? That is one of the things that I offer educators to help them live better lives. Schedule a complimentary call, and let’s chat.

Back to School Tip #7

Prepare healthy meals and snacks for that first week of school so that all you have to think about is grabbing something out of the fridge. I do this weekly throughout the year and it helps me so much! Just one of the many ways that I create BALANCE in my life, in and out of the classroom. Need some healthy, quick and easy to prep meal suggestions? Send me an email!

Back to School Tip #8

Develop the systems and schedules that will help you stay on track this school year. Both at school AND at home.  Plan out when you’ll do your grading, lesson plans, and emails, as well as your personal time at home. Need extra help figuring out how to do that and stick to it? Let’s chat! Book a complimentary call so we can get to know one another.

Amy Necci

Amy Necci

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