For Educators

Want to join my Balance For Educators

Virtual Mindfulness Group?


Here are just some of the benefits and what you can expect!

Ability to slow down and reduce stress when needed

Ability to respond rather than react to situations in the classroom and life in general

Strengthened relationships w/students and colleagues

Better understanding of your own emotions

These sessions will help you to build the skills of awareness and presence through gentle guidance and breath work. I will include various mindfulness strategies to use and will lead a guided experience with a period of silence.

What people are saying about working with Amy
In just a short amount of time, Amy guides in a simple mindfulness practice to bring presence and peace to the moments of one’s life, which is easy to then practice independently.  It is a great experience with such a positive person!
Sue, PA

Being with Amy for mindfulness gets me back in the practice of doing something I need and enjoy.  Her understanding and calm help ground me before I continue with my day.

Lori G, PA

During a time when so many decisions were out of my hands, Amy’s mindfulness sessions helped me focus and find some balance.
Maryalice, PA

 This group supports ALL educators – teachers, support staff, and  school administrators – in creating a more balanced and mindful experience for ourselves so that we can be at our best for our students.

I’d love to see you inside. Join below to be notified when the doors open.


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