How to create more ease in your life as an educator

by | Balance for Educators

Today let’s talk about how we can take our cues from nature in order to create more ease in our lives.

Especially when life starts to throw us twists and turns and gusty winds, if you will.

The trees are about to show us how beautiful it can be to let go.

Pretty soon here in Pennsylvania, the colors on the leaves will start to change, and then the trees will drop those leaves. Does that mean that the trees fall? No….

The trees exist within the winds that are blowing and the weather that’s occurring around them. They pause. They let go. They wait. Then in the spring, new growth starts to happen.

So take your cues from nature whenever you can. It can teach us so much.

When the winds start to blow around you by way of stressful events or things that are out of your control, pause. Because let’s face it, the trees can’t control the wind that blows or the seasons changing around them and neither can we

So when those things that are out of your control start to blow into your life, let go.

Allow yourself to let go.

Take what you can from what is happening, and then let it go and move on so that you are more prepared for new growth when it becomes available to you.

If you have a tendency to hang on to the problems in your life, and you find it difficult to let go, reach out and let’s chat.  That’s what I’m here for. To support you on your journey of being a balanced educator, in and out of the classroom.

Amy Necci

Amy Necci

Balanced Life Mentor for Educators

Hi, I’m Amy (she/her)!
•PA Teacher 20+ years•

I consider myself a teacher and student every single day. I empower educators with self-support tools so they can live their BEST life!

As a teacher myself, I’m especially passionate about serving educators and feel strongly that learning self-support strategies can benefit anyone at any stage of life. In mentoring educators, my goal is to cultivate a space of acceptance and comfort, offering the people I support permission to be themselves, trust themselves, and grow at their own pace.