How to handle “comparisonitis” as educators

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As human beings, our mind has a natural tendency to compare. And as educators, it can be really easy to see everything else going on around us and look at what other people are doing and start comparing, what we do as compared to what other people do.

I want to remind you…

That whatever you are doing right now is good enough. Your best is good enough.

We all want to do a good job. That’s natural.

We all do our best to do what we can: to do the work that we do, to serve our students and to be good educators. And that can be done in a lot of different ways. It doesn’t have to look the same way for everyone.

When you start to compare, I want to invite you to consider whatever else is going on in your life.

Our “best” can change in a variety of ways, depending on what’s happening in our lives.

Let’s say you’re experiencing being a new parent – that’s going to make how you show up different than someone else.

In any given moment, the way that you show up might look different, how much time you can spend on things might look different.

If you’re being a caregiver for aging parents, as I am 🙋🏻‍♀️, with my mom, that is also going to look different than someone else’s circumstances.

Maybe you’re starting grad classes 🙋🏻‍♀️. That’s also going to affect where and how you show up, how you spend your time.

If comparisonitis is getting to you, take a moment, pause, take a breath, and ask yourself:

  • What do I have going on right now?
  • Am I doing the absolute best that I can do in this moment?
  • Am I doing what I need to do for myself?
  • What do I need?

That is really the best question to ask yourself: What do I need right in this moment? Do I need to just pause and take a deep breath?

Or perhaps say, out loud, a positive affirmation.

If you’re in a period of your day where you can go talk to somebody, you might ask yourself, “Do I need to go have a conversation with someone, a trusted colleague?”

Figure out what those things are, that you can do for yourself, to get yourself out of that spiral 🌀, and then take another look.

Consider: In that moment of comparison, is it really true?

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Amy Necci

Amy Necci

Balanced Life Mentor for Educators

Hi, I’m Amy (she/her)!
•PA Teacher 20+ years•

I consider myself a teacher and student every single day. I empower educators with self-support tools so they can live their BEST life!

As a teacher myself, I’m especially passionate about serving educators and feel strongly that learning self-support strategies can benefit anyone at any stage of life. In mentoring educators, my goal is to cultivate a space of acceptance and comfort, offering the people I support permission to be themselves, trust themselves, and grow at their own pace.