Why “Balance For My Life?”

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Life is a balancing act. Every. Single. Day. It takes work! And we all fall out sometimes. Are you seeking that place where you can feel steady, grounded, and completely true to yourself?

Me too!

In fact, that’s how Balance For My Life was born – and it started many years ago when I found myself often asking questions of myself and others that started with “where’s the balance between…and…?”

I used to struggle a bit with the idea of merging all the parts of me and my identity – as an educator, as a yoga & mindfulness teacher, as a human being learning and growing in the world.

I knew I didn’t want them to be separate, and I also wanted to go at my own pace with this integration. I was striving to strike a balance.

After some time of asking myself and my close friends these questions, an image started to form in my mind. I explained it to my graphic designer friend, Kelly Griffith (website and Instagram), who brought it to life.

balance for educatorsI was designing a tattoo that would go on my foot. There was an evolution of this process, too, as I chose colors and shapes very intentionally. All of the parts of this creation were the elements of me and a symbol of all of what I’ve described above. Even the exact placement of the tattoo on my foot has a meaning that relates to this whole idea.

The image and intention were all about finding, and more so creating balance for my life.

So when I decided to gather together all of my skill sets and all that I do and stand for to create a business that would support others in creating their own version of the same, the name was a no-brainer! And so was the logo.

It was already created and walking around on my foot.

I reached out again to my friend, and we worked together to turn the drawing we created for my tattoo into a logo and added the name Balance For My Life. The funny thing is, all along as we were working on the image for the tattoo, Kelly kept calling it “your logo,” years before the business was even a thought in my mind!

Now, many years later, the logo is still an integral part of my life.

balance for educatorsBut… you may have noticed something has changed. After many years of helping people create balance in their lives, I’ve decided that the people I truly want to help in this moment are EDUCATORS.

And so I’ve changed the name from Balance For My Life to Balance For Educators.

This is such an important step for me (and you!) because I now know that my focus needs to be on serving the people in my field. As an educator myself, I know how difficult it can be to find the time to take care of ourselves.

But it is totally possible and I’m here to support you on this path.

Thanks for allowing me to share my story!

There are other details about the colors and shapes I mentioned and the placement of the tattoo that I’m happy to share – and I know your time is precious, so I’ll keep this message short and sweet.

Always feel free to reach out if you’d like to learn about all of that. It really keeps evolving as I learn more about myself, too.

So again I ask: Are you seeking that place where you can feel steady, grounded, and completely true to yourself? Want to keep it easy on your wallet? Want to empower yourself with simple, sustainable solutions that will allow you to connect with yourself and others?

Let’s work together! (click here to learn more)

I’m ready to meet you exactly where you are to offer you the chance to create YOUR most balanced life in a supportive way that works for you.

Amy Necci

Amy Necci

Balanced Life Mentor for Educators

Hi, I’m Amy (she/her)!
•PA Teacher 20+ years•

I consider myself a teacher and student every single day. I empower educators with self-support tools so they can live their BEST life!

As a teacher myself, I’m especially passionate about serving educators and feel strongly that learning self-support strategies can benefit anyone at any stage of life. In mentoring educators, my goal is to cultivate a space of acceptance and comfort, offering the people I support permission to be themselves, trust themselves, and grow at their own pace.